Brilliant Features

A totally private Social network. Combined with the power of smart collaboration and organization. So you can connect within or out of the network to any other social network of friends. You choose who you want to share your information  with.

Imagine a Social network dashboard at your fingertips, where your life is private and organized with your own customized personal preferences.  Your personal assistant  has your day, week, month and life organized. It keeps track of your ideas, web likes, notes, projects, lists, meetings, events and more.

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The types of people who have been waiting for this network are Springpaders, dreamers, innovators, professionals, younger people, collectors, moms and dads, and that’s just a few. They have been waiting for something simple to use, customizable so they can have all the information they want to keep track of, at their fingertips.


No more unending scrolling looking for something you saw, but lost after it refreshed. No more spending hours looking for things you had interest in.  TABS history and assistant helps you locate what you liked or filed.


Clip and organize, photos, recipes, notes, posts,  information. For school, research, planning, memories, or what you need to organize from any place on the internet or other networks.


Maybe you only want to see the latest news, feeds, messages, posts, tweets, pins, from all or a few selected blocks of people, and maybe only on Tech, or Recipies, or Science, or Entertainment, or Funny things, you decide with the help of Ordino.


When you see something your PA helps you file the important information you just read, so you can find it later,  or use it for something you want to retrieve in the future, like a project you are working on


When you share information or colloborate, you can choose which block you want to share with.


Communities can be anything from cities, pages, groups and linked to other communities. Everything is linked to the community.

A Social Network the way you like it

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NETWORKING You are connected from within and without.  You can still pull (see) feeds from any other social network, and post to them through the social connections. Your friends in other networks will be able to see your new network (if you choose to let them). Privacy is up to you when someone outside the network looks in, you can remain absolutely anonymous to those you wish within or outside the network. When they want to comment, they can join this new network from their current social network or email with a click and approval .

ORGANIZATION You all this great stuff in your new network. It’s time to use it. You create a new project for a meeting. You quickly retrieve the information you had been tagging or filing for the upcoming meeting and drag and drop to your new meeting project. Then by dragging and arranging the items in the order of presentation. It may include, agenda, power-point slide, video, web clippings, photos, drawings or what ever you need. Next you start that collaboration meeting with all your ducks in a row!

COLLABORATING  You can collaborate with anyone you choose, for example. Your teacher has assigned a project in the network, you have finished the assignment and turned it, your teacher can grade it and send it back to you. You need help with your studies, the network can suggest people in your blocks that might be able to help you. You need help with something else, you can ask your PA to lists your network friends who has those skills or hobbies that might be able to help you with the project or advice.

Office / Creation tools

You can view and edit or create different types of things you want to create, all within the network. Doc, spreadsheet, drawing, audio recording, music composition, video recording, music,  presentation slides, outline, notebook, note, calendar event, and you can ask your PA anytime for help

Power tools

You want to know the name of the song that is playing, or where you can buy it online. Your shopping but then you decide before you purchase it, you might want your PA to check on prices around the area or online bring you cost saving solutions. Movies, whats playing, what it is about, where and what time it play, or where to stream it, or purchase it. That’s just the beginning.

Powerful Posting

Post a on-the-spot photo, video, story, link to who you want to see, and if you want to share something you liked from another social media site or app, the power is yours.


You can go live with anything you want. Webcam interaction with friends and followers,  a meeting, using organized clips from a project folder, along with the agenda meeting and powerpoint slide. You set up the meeting with your block of people you choose, send them an invitation, and start the meeting, they can see what items you want to share in your meeting folder, chat, see you draw on the white board, pop-up documents, powerpoint, chat, talk, or video conf while your meeting is going on, whether they are in the office, at home, or any place where they have internet access on their smart device, tablet or pc.

Launch Countdown

Android and IOS versions are almost here. Want a sneak preview? Request beta access below.

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